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Help Even the Most Complex Clients with Conversational Uncommon Hypnotherapy

Become fluent in indirect hypnotic language and discover how to sidestep the tricky resistances of the conscious mind

If you’re a hypnotherapist, you already know how useful hypnosis is, particularly for anxiety, complex clients or emergency cases.  This online hypnotherapy course can help.

And if you’re a psychotherapist, counsellor, coach, or other practitioner, you probably want to know what all the fuss is about.

Despite its, shall we say, ‘unusual’ reputation, hypnotherapy is simply a way of tapping into the way the mind already works.

And because you’re working with what nature provided, it’s much easier to help people adopt more useful ways of living.

But there is more than one way of going about hypnosis.

And not only that, but the ‘therapy’ part of ‘hypnotherapy’ right is just as important as the hypnosis itself.

That’s why we have refined more than twenty years of experience delivering hypnosis training into Uncommon Hypnotherapy an online training course both for practitioners learning hypnosis for the first time and for hypnotherapists who are interested in the Uncommon way of doing hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis is the language of hidden ‘inner’ experience

Learning about hypnotic communication, with all its intricacies, really is learning a new language – the language of hidden human experience; the real truth behind what people say and do. And when you become fluent in conversational hypnosis, you gain access to this hidden world.

But it has to be the right sort of hypnosis

These days, hypnosis is often dumbed down into ‘speak softly and order people around’, but it wasn’t always like that. The teachers within tribes, communities, and societies have always understood how to talk so people will listen. And absorb.

So, true hypnotic language isn’t ‘close your eyes and do as I say’. True hypnosis is subtle and indirect language that can be blended into any situation and works artfully with the unique qualities the client brings with them. It’s deeply respectful because without that respect, it won’t work.

Learn to be an artist, rather than painting by numbers

Many hypnotherapy courses will load you down with dozens – if not hundreds – of different inductions. And while scripts can be useful, we need to move beyond that stage quickly if we are to help the greatest number of people.

With the Uncommon Hypnotherapy course, you’ll become fluent in hypnotic language so you can hypnotize anyone in the best way for them to be hypnotized, according to their own unique personality and experience.

See ‘behind the curtain’ of human behaviour

The ‘Uncommon’ psychology you’ll learn from this course will illuminate much more of human behaviour that may have previously seemed weird or unpredictable.

You’ll know which approach and techniques will work best with your client’s problem, upping your success rate and making you a much more confident therapist.

You’ll be able to fine-tune your communication to get the outcomes you want in both the therapy room and your own relationships.

That’s the real beauty in Uncommon Hypnotherapy. And as a bonus, you’ll gain much greater control over your own emotional state, too.


What is the difference between the Uncommon Hypnosis and Uncommon Hypnotherapy courses?

Uncommon Hypnosis is for anyone who wants to know more about hypnosis and get practical step-by-step ways of using it to make themselves or loved ones feel better. It’s not aimed at therapists, but more for a person who is intrigued by how the unconscious mind works. It’s taken by people from all walks of life, young and old, male and female, those who have read a lot about hypnosis and NLP, and those completely new to the whole concept. No certificate of completion is provided.

Uncommon Hypnotherapy contains everything that’s in Uncommon Hypnosis, but also additional material on psychology and how to use these techniques in the therapy environment. There are 8 lectures (5 audio, 3 video) going further in-depth into updated psychological understandings, as well as hypnotic techniques. We also provide live footage of Mark working with a therapy client, an instructive example of Uncommon Hypnotherapy in action, with the use of fascinating language patterns, metaphors, and stories. Uncommon Hypnotherapy is typically taken by practitioners (therapists, nurses, social workers, and more) wanting to learn more about therapeutic hypnosis or practising hypnotherapists wanting to use conversational Ericksonian hypnosis. A certificate of completion is mailed to you when you pass the course.

Neither course provides an official qualification in professional hypnotherapy, as we’re unable to evaluate your skills in-person.

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Uncommon Hypnotherapy Course

Learn indirect hypnotic language and how to sidestep the tricky resistances of the conscious mind, with this online hypnotherapy course.