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Set Your Clients Free From the Prison of Their Negative Beliefs

Learn advanced reframing skills on the Conversational Reframing – with video demonstrations

So why is reframing such a core skill for every practitioner?

Every practitioner needs to help their clients change how they think.

But more than that, our clients need to change how they feel.

And there is no quicker way to unlock a strongly-held belief than a well-crafted, carefully delivered reframe.

But we all know that’s easier said than done.

To be effective, a reframe must:

Powerful Reframes

  1. Connect with the client’s current reality (rather than the practitioner’s!).
  2. Be delivered at the right time (this is such an important factor, but rarely discussed).
  3. Present a new reality that is just as acceptable, but makes them feel good instead of bad.
  4. Present a new reality that is so much more compelling than the old, more restricted way of perceiving their reality.
  5. Change the way the client feels, not just the way they think. This is a subtle point that is often missed when so called “cognitive reframing” is used.

That beautiful moment when you watch a reframe work its magic…

We’ve all attempted reframes and had them fall flat. It’s a gut-wrenching moment as you realise you’ve made it harder to get a therapeutic gain because you’ve raised your client’s unconscious defences.

But then you know that beautiful moment when a reframe ‘sticks’. Your client stops in their tracks, becomes silent, they take on that thousand-yard stare, then they ‘come back to the room’, often with a chuckle or shaking their head. Their reality has been permanently shifted.

But the question is, how to make your hit rate with reframes much more reliable? How to develop an intuition for what reframe will work, when to deliver it, and how?

How Conversational Reframing will develop your reframing skills

The Conversational Reframing course will imbue your mind with a whole new way of seeing reframing with dozens of examples, a new way of seeing reframes, interactive exercises in how to construct them, video and audio. Almost by osmosis, you’ll become a better reframer.

In addition to the many reframe examples, stories and metaphors in the course, perhaps an even greater benefit will be how it helps you creatively, spontaneously and instantly produce the right reframe for the right, unique person just at the right time.

And it’s not just your clients who will notice. Artful reframes are evidence of the ability to hold multiple contexts in the mind at one time, perhaps the most obvious sign of wisdom. When you’re skilful with reframes, you can make everyone around you feel better without them necessarily knowing why. (And without looking like the ‘positivity police’!).

Here’s a quick summary of what Conversational Reframing contains. The whole course is geared to quickly improving your reframing skills. Dozens of reframe examples which seed your mind with patterns and approaches to make you into a flexibly-minded reframing artist.

Conversational Reframing Contents

  1. Powerful Reframes, our popular audio reframing trainer – this is also provided in eBook format in case you prefer to learn by reading
  2. 3 example reframing videos of Mark demonstrating reframes with our client actors
  3. Interactive Exercises to hone your reframing skills
  4. Audio, eBook and Kindle versions of Mark’s new reframing book, New Ways of Seeing
  5. Reframing through Stories and Metaphor eBook /Audio Provided in both written and audio format, Mark originally set out to create a short document on this topic. However, it turned into an comprehensive 39 page eBook with lots of examples of using stories to reframe, and a lot more besides!
  6. Certificate of completion.  On successful completion of the course you will receive a personalized certificate and confirmation of 9 CPD/CEU hours or points earned.

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Conversational Reframing Hypnotherapist Course
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Conversational Reframing Hypnotherapist Course
Set Your Clients Free From the Prison of Their Negative Beliefs. Learn advanced reframing skills on the Conversational Reframing Course.
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Conversational Reframing Hypnotherapist Course

Set Your Clients Free From the Prison of Their Negative Beliefs. Learn advanced reframing skills on the Conversational Reframing Course.