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Give Clients the Resources to Achieve Hypnotic Anesthesia with the Dental Anesthesia Hypnosis Script

Help clients train their unconscious mind to numb the mouth and throat hypnotically, and avoid chemical anesthesia

In most cases, some form of chemical anesthesia is used for dental procedures. However, through self-hypnotic dental anesthesia, it is possible to dissociate from physical sensation in the mouth and reduce or even completely avoid the need for drugs. Not only can the risks of anesthesia be averted in this way, it is also possible to streamline the recovery process and speed up healing.

The Dental Anesthesia Hypnosis Script from The Script Collection was put together to help clients to learn the skill of self-hypnosis for dental anesthesia. By training the unconscious mind to eliminate physical sensation, it is possible to undergo dental procedures without anaesthetic drugs.

The pre-talk explains the natural cataleptic REM state, and how we are able to access this state even during wakefulness. The client is reassured that this is an innate skill that we all possess; it’s just a matter of learning to apply it in a new context.

The induction prompts the client to access times when they have been in natural trance states and to recognize the power of the unconscious mind. Embedded commands instruct the client to relax deeply as their experience and understanding of this state deepens. Finally, a countdown helps the client progressively relax each part of their body in turn.

The induction transitions smoothly and effortlessly into the trancework, fostering a continued experience of deep comfort and internal focus. The client is guided through a memory of deep contentment, directing their focus ever inwards. Now they are invited to experience a sensation of heaviness, coolness, and numbness in a finger, to feel it spread and permeate, and then to transfer that sensation from the hand to the cheeks, mouth, gums, and throat.

Through hypnotic suggestion, the client is now able to embody their observing self, to see themselves from a distance looking perfectly relaxed, with no sensation of pain even as the dentist performs their work. The client is encouraged to hypnotically practise generating that sense of numbness and detaching from their physical body as a skill. Finally, future pacing is used to help the client see themselves recovering and healing from the dental work quickly and comfortably, with pleasant memories of how relaxed the procedure felt.

Add the Dental Anesthesia Hypnosis Script to your script library today!

Dental Anesthesia is also available as an MP3 download.

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Dental Anesthesia Hypnosis Script
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Dental Anesthesia Hypnosis Script
Give Clients the Resources to Achieve Hypnotic Anesthesia with the Dental Anesthesia Hypnosis Script.
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Dental Anesthesia Hypnosis Script

Give Clients the Resources to Achieve Hypnotic Anesthesia with the Dental Anesthesia Hypnosis Script.