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Cure Compulsive Pleasuring with the Overcome Masturbation Addiction Hypnosis Script

Excessive indulgence in masturbation, like any other behavioral addiction, can lead to negative consequences. People who live with this addiction use it as a way of dealing with or avoiding other issues in life. Masturabtion addiction can also cause intense problems in personal relationships and lead to low self-esteem.

The Overcome Masturbation Addiction Hypnosis Script from The Script Collection was put together to help individuals rise above their compulsion and put it behind them.

The pre-talk begins with a discussion on “primal human needs,” such as safety, control, meaning, and intimacy. When these needs aren’t met, people often substitute counterproductive activities in their place. Binge eating is cited as an example. Binge eaters consume food because they feel a sense of emptiness, not because they’re hungry. Masturbation addiction is explained as a similar compulsion. The client is assured that it’s not only about self-pleasure, but also about avoiding important issues in life.

The script presents masturbation as a normal and healthy part of a balanced life. Its benefits are extolled, and the client is assured that masturbation is a natural occurrence that is neither shameful nor immoral. The problem with masturbation addiction lies solely with the addiction.

The negative effects of compulsive behavior are explained. The client is reminded that a surplus of any pleasurable activity causes it to lose value. Only by limiting one’s intake of pleasure can a person truly experience its full benefits.

The induction opens by urging the client to close their eyes and allow themselves to “drift into relaxation” as their breath slows. Embedded commands guide the client to slow their mind and allow their thoughts to take on a dream-like quality.

The client is guided to picture themselves in an “orb of relaxation” where everything is soft and slow. Flowing language leads them deeper into relaxation by suggesting sensations to feel and guides them into an imagined “bubble of deep rest.”

As the trancework begins, the client is asked to recall a time when their urge to masturbate began to manifest. They are asked to notice the feelings that gripped them just before they gave into their compulsion.

An embedded command instructs the client to allow their unconscious mind to speak to them in that crucial moment and give them a “strong sense” of why they had been masturbating so much.

The client is assured they can trust their unconscious mind to be honest about the reasons for their actions. As the client listens to their mind, an embedded command directs them to allow their mind to provide alternative ways of meeting their needs that are healthier than masturbating. They are urged to “let those ideas clearly form.”

The client is led to imagine themselves addressing their unmet needs in a healthier manner and feeling the “sense of deep satisfaction” that comes with it.

The full script goes on.

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Masturbation Addiction Hypnosis Script
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Masturbation Addiction Hypnosis Script
Learn hypnosis online, and Cure Compulsive Pleasuring with the Overcome Masturbation Addiction Hypnosis Script.
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Masturbation Addiction Hypnosis Script

Learn hypnosis online, and Cure Compulsive Pleasuring with the Overcome Masturbation Addiction Hypnosis Script.