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Help chronic worriers calm down with the Generalized Anxiety Treatment Hypnosis Script

Some people seem to worry about everything, all the time. Their minds are full of ‘what ifs’ and ‘what terrible thing has happened’, even if everything appears outwardly to be going smoothly. This can have serious negative impact on their health and well-being, not to mention their enjoyment of life.

The Generalized Anxiety Treatment Hypnosis Script from The Script Collection was developed to help people who fall into a pattern of constant anxiety without specific triggers regain their calm and learn how to have a more relaxed approach to life.

The pre-talk explains how people can fall into a pattern of incessant worry, and what exactly is happening in the body and mind when someone is ‘anxious’. The client is reassured about the effectiveness of hypnosis for calming worries.

A classic induction is used to help the client dissociate from their own state and associate with the imagined state of another as a powerful and effective way to become deeply relaxed and inwardly focused.

This allows the client to learn very effective techniques for modifying both their experience and their interpretations of their experience in a beneficial way.

The central process of the trancework involves engagement with a powerful metaphor that carries the client through a process of inner transformation. Instead of ‘trying not to worry’, they attune to the metaphor and find it natural and easy to look at their world with different eyes.

This script allows the client to deeply embed this new process of relating to worrying thoughts or events, so that they can calmly and appropriately respond to whatever life brings without unnecessary fear or stress.

Add the Generalized Anxiety Treatment Hypnosis Script to your script library today!

Generalized Anxiety Treatment is also available as an MP3 download.

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Generalized Anxiety Treatment
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Generalized Anxiety Treatment
Instant Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment. Use self-hypnosis for anxiety, and you can feel calm today.
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Generalized Anxiety Treatment Hypnosis Script

Help your hypnosis patients with the Generalized Anxiety Treatment Hypnosis Script from