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Use the Hypnotic Narcolepsy Treatment Script to Help Regulate Sleep-Wake Cycles

Narcolepsy is a long-term neurological issue that affects the body’s ability to regulate sleep cycles. It is commonly experienced as a tendency to fall asleep during waking hours and sleep poorly at night.

The Hypnotic Narcolepsy Treatment Hypnosis Script from The Script Collection was put together to provide supplemental treatment to people with this condition.

The pre-talk begins by establishing trust in the process and explaining how hypnosis can bring benefits. The client is assured that the session is meant as a complement to other treatments and is meant to aid them in managing their condition and further reduce its symptoms.

After a brief overview of the condition and its possible outcomes, the client is assured that hypnosis has been used effectively to help normalize sleeping patterns and help to ease triggering conditions, such as inflammation and auto-immune responses. The goal of the session is defined as helping the client experience more restful sleep at night, feel more alert during the day, thus decreasing the frequency and intensity of narcoleptic episodes.

The induction opens with an embedded command that brings the client’s attention into the present moment. They are asked to focus their gaze on a spot just above eye level until they can zoom into it with their minds. The client is then asked to shut their eyes and recall a time when they participated in a physical activity and found it enjoyable.

The client is asked to notice the feelings they experienced during the activity. An embedded command instructs them to “turn up the colors” in this memory. They are guided to make sense the “energy and vitality” they experienced at the time. The client is asked to re-open their eyes and concentrate on the same spot on the wall.

The client is led to breathe deeply and allow their eyes to fall shut again. Flowing language urges them to remember the sensation of sunlight on their skin and to picture a landscape awash in light. The client is guided to feel the light they sense flowing into their brain, where it works to normalize their mind and imbue it with a sense of perfect balance. An embedded command instructs the client to “turn up” that feeling. Numbers count up from one to ten, encouraging the client to increase the intensity of the sensation.

Now, the client is asked to picture themselves in the next few days. During this time, they carry this bright light within them as they go about their day. The client watches themselves, as if on a movie screen, noting how the effects of their inner light make them feel “awake and alert” throughout their daily activities. Embedded commands anchor this feeling deep within the unconscious. The client continues watching their future self finish their daily routine, energized by inner luminescence, until evening comes and they begin to grow tired and ready for sleep.

Now, the client is guided to open their eyes once again and stare at the same spot in front of them. As they focus, they are urged to picture heavy weight that exert pressure on their lids that increases with every blink. A countdown guides them to close their eyes again and embedded commands relaxing them back into a completely tranquil state.

The script continues.

Add the Hypnotic Narcolepsy Treatment Hypnosis Script to your script library today.

Hypnotic Narcolepsy Treatment is also available as an MP3 download.

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Hypnotic Narcolepsy Treatment Hypnosis Script
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Hypnotic Narcolepsy Treatment Hypnosis Script
Learn hypnosis online, and Use the Hypnotic Narcolepsy Treatment Script to Help Regulate Sleep-Wake Cycles.
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Hypnotic Narcolepsy Treatment Hypnosis Script

Learn hypnosis online, and Use the Hypnotic Narcolepsy Treatment Script to Help Regulate Sleep-Wake Cycles.