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Help women who have vulvar pain with the Vulvodynia Treatment Hypnosis Script

Vulvodynia (vulvar pain) is one of those conditions you never hear of until you suffer from it. And it can take a long time to get a diagnosis, as it is not yet fully understood. Even without a diagnosis, the associated pain and distress are debilitating and frustrating.

The Vulvodynia Treatment Hypnosis Script from The Script Collection was developed to provide women with an effective tool for managing pain and reducing and even removing symptoms.

The pretalk describes the difficulties this condition can present for sufferers and looks at a number of treatments that have proved helpful. Hypnosis is very effective in helping painful conditions and also helps to build psychological resilience.

A gentle induction guides the client into a deeply relaxed state of trance where they can learn and make changes in themselves at the unconscious level.

The trancework is based on a classic ‘my friend John’ analogy. Carefully crafted suggestions embedded in the tale teach the client different ways of modifying their subjective experience of their condition. Far from being a helpless victim, there is a great deal they can do to ameliorate – and even remove – the problem.

A specific method of altering physical experience is taught and practiced in trance, so that using this approach becomes more and more natural and easy. The client learns how to ‘inject’ good feelings from past experiences into present circumstances, so that the good feelings become the dominant ‘feel’ of the situation.

Future orientation gives the client a compelling taste of what life will be like when they are using what they have learned on a regular basis and experiencing much more comfort and ease again.

This script will ensure that all the learnings from the session become firmly embedded.

Add the Vulvodynia Treatment Hypnosis Script to your script library today!

Vulvodynia Treatment is also available as an MP3 download.

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Vulvodynia Treatment Hypnosis Script

Help your hypnosis patients with the Vulvodynia Treatment Hypnosis Script from