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Help Harried Clients Take Productive Breaks with the Walk with Animals Script

In the fast-paced modern world, people often forego their basic needs in the name of productivity. But, as many studies have shown, people feel their best and work better when they take breaks throughout the day.1

The Walk with Animals Hypnosis Script from The Script Collection was put together to help clients take restful breaks throughout the day so they can feel better and, ultimately, be more productive.

A brief pre-talk introduces the client to the concept of the session. Through examples from the animal kingdom, the innate need for rest is highlighted.

The benefits of relaxation are extolled. The client is assured that deep relaxation can benefit their mood, their resilience against stress, increase their energy, and elevate creative thinking. They are assured that they can use the mental techniques taught in this session to take short rests and enjoy the bevy of benefits that relaxation provides.

The induction begins with an embedded command to relax. Through flowing language, the client is assured that they don’t need to consciously try to relax. They are urged to “rediscover” the natural relaxation that’s already embedded deep in their mind.

Calming states are described as the client’s breathing is subtly guided and they are encouraged to give into the seductive grasp of deep relaxation. A progressive relaxation focuses the client’s energy toward calming the body before an embedded command pushes them deeper.

The client is guided to experience their relaxing feelings as a color that spreads throughout their body, imbuing their core and extremities with calming rest. The script guides the flow of the relaxing energy as it slowly winds through the client’s body and becomes gentler and more calming. It finally flows into different regions of their brain, imbuing its lobster with soothing energy.

Embedded commands move the client into a dream-like state in which the breathing slows into a “deep rhythm” and the brainwave frequencies change. As the outside world fades away and the dreaming mind takes over, the client is guided to feel a sense of strolling through a deep forest. They are led to use their senses to hear the crunching of leaves underfoot, feel their arms swinging at their sides, and experience the rough bark of the trees that their fingers absentmindedly touch. They are encouraged to develop a sense of connecting with the nature outside of-and within-themselves. A countdown brings them fully into a trance.

The client is reminded of the connection people and animals have shared throughout history. Even wild creatures have formed bonds with humans they see regularly, and come up to greet them daily. The client gets a sense that animals can “know” people in deep ways.

Now, the client is brought back to themselves and assured that they can take this experience with them. The animal can guide and remind them of their time in the forest and, by expressing gratitude to it, they can feel “a sense of complete stillness” and connection to the natural world.

The client is returned from their walk and reminded they now possess the ability to return whenever they need to re-experience deep relaxation.

Add the Walk with Animals Hypnosis Script to your script library today.

Walk with Animals is also available as an MP3 download.



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Walk With Animals Hypnosis Script
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Walk With Animals Hypnosis Script
Learn Hypnosis Online and help Harried Clients to relax and Take Productive Breaks with the Walk with Animals Script.
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Walk With Animals Hypnosis Script

Learn Hypnosis Online and help Harried Clients to relax and Take Productive Breaks with the Walk with Animals Script.